Well, I’ve got a busy week already in motion with no post pre-written, so updates are gonna be spotty.

This site is one I use to keep myself going on those really long days: Stuff on my Rabbit



No Time to Write

I apologize for the relatively poor (or at least fluffy) quality of my posts this week. I am somewhat bogged down in a project for school.

Honestly, this pattern will probably continue throughout the quarter, because these projects aren’t getting any easier. Not that they’re getting particularly harder, but I really need to pass this class (well, all my classes, as I’m juuuuuuust at the credit limit) in order to graduate.

In the meantime, I will at least try to provide you with quality fluff.

Like this owl hanging out in a camera.

I like owls. In fact, this is my skype profile photo.



So… yeah. Hopefully the owls will tide you over for a the next couple days.