Well, I’ve got a busy week already in motion with no post pre-written, so updates are gonna be spotty.

This site is one I use to keep myself going on those really long days: Stuff on my Rabbit



Reason #472938 why I want a bunny

Well, here’s a post a little earlier than expected, but there’s kind of a catch: it’s a video. Not mine, either, but it’s just a huge stress relief to watch a baby bunny to fall asleep. Unless you don’t like bunnies. In which case, I don’t know why we’re friends. (Kidding! Sort of…)

This week has been seriously stressful, and it’s made me wish like hell for an animal I could just cuddle with and talk to. Like a bunny. I want a bunny. I want a bunny NOW. I want THAT bunny now.

So, yeah, before I get too sucked in to my want of a bunny and don’t finish that pile of homework, as my cousin’s young son would probably say, abunny. Bunnybunnybunnybunnybunny… :3