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Ohai there!

[Insert deity/supreme force of your choice] only knows why you want to know more about me. But since you’re here, I’ll give you a glimpse, I s’pose.

“Miscellaneous Me” probably tells you a lot of the important stuff, but here are a few more serious things it doesn’t tell you:

I am very family-and-friends-oriented. I’m good at being there for people, and I have almost overpowering maternal instincts. I am also slightly introverted, which is to say that social interaction can be really taxing for me; not that I don’t enjoy it!

I used to be way into the fanfiction scene, and I still do participate on occasion. I specialize in romance in terms of emotions and really deep bonds and stuff–I’m better at writing that than anything physical.

I like anime and manga. I know this can be a real stigma in society, but I go for stuff that really makes me think and has an art style that appeals to me. (It’s a further plus if I can relate to it.)

I’m actually really bad at drawing and photography.

Conversation makes me a happy camper–it’s how I process my feelings.

I love games. Card games, board games, video games, puzzles… let me at ’em!

I will post when I have something to talk about. Topics will be all over the place: rants, raves, humor, observations, reviews, politics, feminism, computer science… a lot of stuff is fair game, though I do have my pet topics, and they’ll probably become clear as time goes on. Some will be concise, some will be incredibly verbose… it all just depends on what I have to say. That said, all of what I post is my own opinion, and I try very hard not to offend people with what I have to say. I will try to make you think, however, so if you don’t like being made to think, you’re kind of in the wrong place.


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