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Looking backward, moving forward

Hindsight is 20/20, so they say.

I dunno–I don’t have eyes in the back of my head, and my glasses prescription sure as heck doesn’t get any less severe when I turn around.

Yup, I am the pinnacle of wit.

2014… where do I start?

I suppose January 1 would probably the obvious place. Time. Whatever.

But really, nothing too exciting then, other than celebrating 3 years with the boyfriend. (He was not the fiance at that point. That happened later.)

February, March, April, May… all those more or less passed without much need for remarks from me. Well, I could remark on it, but there’s a lot I won’t say here. Most people know it already, anyway.

June, the boyfriend (still not the fiance at this point, but we’re much closer!) graduated from school, which was pretty exciting. Job lined up and everything, though that wouldn’t start until September.

July–the moment you’ve all been waiting for–the boyfriend becomes the fiance!

We also moved to a new apartment, I celebrated my 1-year anniversary at my former place of work, and I wished for a corgi. I continued wishing for a corgi for the next–aw, heck, I’m still wishing for one. The fiance did get me corgi knee-highs for Christmas, though.

Preliminary wedding planning was most of August and September. I think I also started watching the BBC Merlin series in September, too. I could write a whole ‘nother post on that. Nobody in the cast (not even the secondary characters, really) escapes placement in one or more ‘ships. And I still hold that Gwaine and Lancelot should be drunken adventure buddies.

October… I was jobless. By choice, sort of. Not for lack of looking/applying/interviewing before I left my former job. It was nice. See, I’d never really had time off between graduating college and starting my job. Wisdom tooth surgery and moving kind of ate all that up. Anyway, I applied and interviewed for most of October, and lo and behold, I found a new job!

November, I started said new job. It’s been a blast. The only point of contention is that I work in the upper third of a tall office building. Heights and I don’t get along too well, but not for lack of trying. I’m probably getting better.



Aaaaaaanyway, now, we’re here. December. The end of the year. Can’t say I have many regrets, and I don’t really want to focus on them, anyway. What I do want to focus on is what I’m going to do in the new year.

I’m going to get married. This one’s less a resolution and more just the way things have been planned thus far. But it’s happening!

I’m going to exercise more. (And eat healthier, though I’m definitely better on that score than the exercise one.)

I’m going to keep celebrating with friends and family.

I’m going to assert myself. I’m going to ask for what I need. I’m going to do my best not to be afraid of change.

I’m going to do my best, as I always do, to make it a year that I can look back on and feel proud of making my own.

And hopefully, we’ll get a corgi.


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