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Duke Crocker is not a punching bag!

So, around the middle of season 3 of Haven, I wrote this, mostly as an exercise in restraint from punching walls every time I watched a new episode.

Dear writers of Haven,

SERIOUSLY?! What happened between season 2 and season 3? Like, one minute passes, and suddenly, all the characters have changed, and most for the worse! Audrey’s freaking out and pushing everyone away and breaking Duke’s heart—or rather, slowly shattering it into a million pieces and then grinding those pieces into dust. The look on his face when he sees her calling Nathan at the beginning of “Last Goodbye” seriously made me want to huggle the poor guy! And half the time, she’s just mope-y and wanting to surrender to her fate. NO! Audrey/Lucy/Sarah is a fighter! Get it right!

And what the heck are you doing with Nathan? I mean, yeah, the guy is supposed to be stoic yet madly in love with Audrey, and he’s not very good about the whole feelings thing, but he was a piece of work most of this season, and he knowingly toys with Jordan’s emotions! (Yes, I get why, but, having been toyed with in a relationship, myself, that just infuriates me.) And then suddenly, everything’s like, almost okay between Nathan and Audrey again! I don’t get it! Angst does not go away overnight!

So, those two gave me whiplash, but Duke… he’s a different story. I used to really not like Duke. He was kind of a jerk. Okay, he was a huge jerk, but he had his reasons. He kind of grew on me in season two. And then this season… Oh my lord, have I come to sympathize with the guy! He is easily my favorite character of season 3. I don’t know quite what it is, but I think a lot of it is his desperation not to become a cold-blooded killer AND to not screw things up for Audrey and Nathan (even though they’ve lost their Haven OTP status with me now). He’s really a good guy! And he’s smart—he really knows what’s going on, and he’s determined to do what he can to help. Seems like he’s got more brains than Audrey and Nathan put together half the time, which is just weird. Finally, he’s random and hilarious, which has always earned some of my respect.

Also, moar Dwight pls. He is a huge teddy bear wrapped in a steel jacket, and he is amazing for it.

</Haven rant>

Since then, it’s only gotten worse. I mean, Nathan’s gotten better (I kind of squee’d a lot when he reacted to seeing Duke in front of him and alive at the beginning of season 4) and Audrey’s made her way back into my good graces for the most part (and OTP status with Nathan has been reaffirmed… curse you, emotional heart!) and my request for moar Dwight pls was granted.

But none of this makes up for the gigantic game of “Break the Cutie” that the writers and producers started playing with Duke in season 2, built up over season 3, and cranked it up way past 11 in season 4. Poor guy emerges from the barn after, like, 5 minutes to see that 6 months have passed, he’s trying to help Jennifer with her trouble, he convinces the Guard (out for his blood as well as Nathan’s) to keep Nathan alive once Lexie shows up, he gets body-jacked, he’s genre-savvy enough to figure out that Audrey’s back (and it hits him hard), his older half-brother is in town and power tripping on the family Trouble until Duke is forced to kill him in self-defense (well, defense of Jennifer…), he seems to have a thing with Jennifer going that keeps on getting interrupted… Yeah. Basically, the guy’s figured it all out, but he’s struggling to tread water.

At this point, it seems like the only shining ray of hope in his life is Jennifer, and God only knows how the season is going to end with that. (I hope with them together, especially now that Duke is a normal, non-Trouble’d guy, but you never know…)

And now that I’ve seen the end of season 4…


A super-sized season 5 (though hopefully, it will be the last—there’s just not much more they can do with it, and it would be far better to end with a bang) is about the only thing that keeps me going.

That, and this adorably pitch-shifted-Taylor-Swift video of Nathan and Duke. If they both swung that way, it’d probably work. For a little while, anyway.


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