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The Social Bus

The half-hour or so on the 70 from work to the apartment after work is my time to decompress; to think about my day, or forget about it, if I have the need.

The bus is usually packed, since I hold roughly normal-people hours. (I prefer getting in and out a little earlier, but there are plenty of people going home at 4:30, believe you me.) A lot of the time, though, I usually wind up heading out around 4:45, just in time for the social 70.

The driver is young—he looks 17, and is 27 (I was audacious enough to ask), and always tells you when the bus is going to start moving, what’s near the stop the bus is approaching, and when he’s going to close the back doors. He’s a chatty young fellow, and very bright, both in terms of disposition and intelligence. Apparently, it’s always been a dream of his to be a bus driver, though he says that’s not all he wants to do with his life; he simply enjoys the interaction that being a bus driver allows.

Almost every time I’m on the bus, without fail, someone (usually middle-aged) will tell him sincerely, “When I grow up, I want to be like you.”

He recognizes a lot of the passengers, especially if they hold conversation with him. He remembered me the second time I hopped on his bus—a week after I’d last been on!

This driver loves his social bus. He says that, for most of his shifts, people just don’t talk. They’re all too busy or tired or engaged with their electronic devices. Granted, there’s only so much talking one can do with people at the back of the bus, but I’ve been drawn in as far back as the middle of the bus. It’s like chatting with old friends, but we hardly know each other. I guess there are some people who just inspire that in others, and I think it’s wonderful.

In other news, I got a corset! Yup, a bona-fide (it’s funny ‘cause it’s steel-boned) corset! It can reduce the waist by up to 5 inches, but I wear it laced very loosely, so it doesn’t take off much at all, especially because I ordered a size up from the recommended sizing. It’s more of a fancy back-brace than anything. (Try bending over in a steel-boned corset. Does. Not. Happen. I can slouch a little, but it’s not comfortable to do.)

It’s fashionable—meant to be worn over clothes rather than under them. I certainly wouldn’t wear it to work or to anything semi-formal or better, but I think it looks nice enough. Judge for yourself: http://www.corset-story.com/cd-746-coffee-and-black-brocade-steampunk-style-overbust-made-to-order.html


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