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State of the Chickadoodle #2

Last post was my 100th post. I was hoping I’d have something hugely monumental to write about. I did, but in the middle of everything going on, it felt more monumentally bad than good.

Things are okay now, but Friday night, everything went to, as my grandma coined a few years ago, ka-shit. After basically running on empty for nigh on two weeks, I melted down, and quite spectacularly. I distinctly said, “I feel like I’m never going to be happy again”, and at the moment, I honestly did feel that way. Some small part of my brain was protesting that things wouldn’t be this way forever, but it was drowned out by how tired and upset I was.

Thankfully, things got back in shape for a small apartment-warming with a few friends last night. Mostly, anyway. The boyfriend and I were making pasta carbonara, but the cheese sauce turned out a bit more clumpy than we wanted because we didn’t want to double the eggs when we doubled everything else. Still, it turned out perfectly edible. Tasty, even. And we have enough leftovers to feed us for a few days; that doesn’t hurt.

If all goes well today, I’ll be seeing an old friend at a street fair. She’s lived across the country for a few years, but we were kinda tight back in the day. And by kinda tight, I actually mean something a little closer to inseparable. I have also been told by the boyfriend that I should get funnel cake. I know; it’s unthinkable that a college grad hasn’t had funnel cake before, but there are just too many good sweet things out there, am I right?!

As I adjust to the pace of work (not so bad now; we’ll see how that changes when I enter the on-call rotation in October), I probably will be posting maybe once a week. Twice if something big happens, or I find something cute or awesome that I want to share. Like a mini pig eating ice cream. Or the wild hairy haggis that my friend bought me on a recent trip to the UK.

But today, my ducks (OH! DUCKS!), I’m going to relax.


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