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First 5: an accidental soundtrack

So, the first 5 songs on my YouTube favorites playlist seem to knit together (albeit a little awkwardly at times) to tell a story. Not sure what story–I mostly see it as the beginning of Fantasia with just shapes and lines moving around. Nothing immediately springs to mind, but it’s a good creative playlist if one feels like creating something more dark and edgy, or just meditative, perhaps.

So, here they are, in order from first to fifth (and a bonus at the end):

1) “Radioactive” cover by Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix. I would write more to this, but the video is captivating.

2) “Berlin” by the Piano Guys. Really cool and, in my opinion, meditative.

3) “Skin” by Zola Jesus. You always think she’s going to burst into some full on rock, but no. And it works.

4) “Little Red Riding Hood” (cover?) by Laura Gibson. This is one of those songs where you know it’s dangerous, but you can’t help loving the story.

5) “Invisible” by Plumb. Not gonna lie–Pretty Little Liars is kind of a train wreck of a show, but it has definitely given me some really awesome music to listen to. (“Crush” by Aiden Hawken is a favorite.)


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