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Chickadoodle’s Dinner for Two #2

Tonight on the menu: roasted red peppers and onions with balsamic vinaigrette and feta and… creativity?

Okay, so it’s really more of a salad for two, but it’s pretty versatile. I’d recommend throwing it in a wrap with some cooked and seasoned chicken. Maybe lamb. You could also have it as its own salad and make something else completely delicious to go along with it.

As for the salad–I have a little more of an idea what I’m doing here.

Preheat your oven to 425 Fahrenheit. Take two large-ish bell peppers (I’d recommend any kind but green, but feel free to mix and match!) and half a medium onion. Chop them into bite size(-ish) pieces and spread them out on a foil-lined jelly roll pan. Coat them in olive oil, or use a non-stick cooking spray, then season them with whatever you think will go well. Toss them around on the pan a little bit to mix them up, especially if, like me, you don’t have the steadiest hand with seasoning.

Place the pan in the oven (I’d recommend a middle rack) and roast for about 30 minutes–until the peppers have just started to brown/blacken on the edges. (Any longer, and you will be unable to ply the onions off the foil. Yes, I am speaking from experience.)

Let the veggies cool for a few minutes before tossing them in a bowl with some dressing and feta, then have at it however you want!


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