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State of the Chickadoodle: Marvelous Misadventures Edition

I’d like to think I’m a fairly smart person. I’ve made it to the last quarter of my senior year (eeeeeek!) in a fairly prestigious computer science program–still not sure how that’s worked out, but it just goes to show you don’t need to be a genius. (Okay, I do know a lot of how it’s worked: work ethic. What I lack in smarts, I make up for in determination.)

But sometimes, smarts just aren’t enough. At least, book smarts aren’t. That’s why my roommate decided that this year would be the year of marvelous misadventures fairly early on. And boy, have we had several.

First, there were the english muffins. My roommate is fairly good at cooking–she’s the one who taught me how to drain browned ground beef without a strainer. (I still don’t have the knack of this, and I am getting a dedicated meat strainer as soon as I can afford it. Judge me all you want–it works.) However, even she sometimes has slip-ups. Specifically, flipping english muffins into not-so-great positions. She was helping me get half a tuna melt out of the toaster oven, and the plate was just at the right angle that it flipped face-down onto the plate. We were able to resurrect it, thankfully. Not long after, she was cutting an english muffin over the sink, since they produce so many crumbs. There was a flip, a disgruntled noise, and a plop as half the english muffin fell into a bowl of water. I have never seen my roommate look so put out over food.

That’s not to say I haven’t had my share of things go wrong. As it’s just started warming up here, the mosquitoes are starting to come out in force. One landed on a wall last night, and of course, I wanted to get rid of it. But I had no tissue to squish it with, so I did the least sensible thing and backhanded the wall. I got the bug, but it hurt. A lot.

Another marvelous misadventure I’ve had recently isn’t so much a “well, that was stupid” as a “why me?”

See, I got my bottom wisdom teeth out 6 years ago. They were nastily impacted, and were about to undo all the orthodontia I’ve had over the years. That wasn’t cool. During the consultation for that surgery, I was told that they weren’t going to remove my barely budding upper wisdom teeth because it would involve a lot more trouble than it was worth. Thankfully, they have grown in quite straight and will be fairly simple to remove, but still… two wisdom tooth surgeries does not a happy Chickadoodle make. (For the record, while they are growing in straight, my jaw does not have enough room to accommodate them. Believe me–if I did, I wouldn’t get the surgery.)

Remove ALL the wisdom teeth?

Remove ALL the wisdom teeth?

At the recent dentist visit where they said they wanted those upper wisdom teeth out ASAP, it was also discovered that I have a 5th cusp on one of my molars, which makes cleaning between two teeth very hard. I get through it okay, but still, it’s not great. Thank goodness I have fairly healthy teeth otherwise!

Finally, there was a marvelous adventure (not misadventure) where I recently made it so that I am highly confident I will be able to pass all of my classes this quarter so that I can graduate. I am currently taking 2 CS classes, a CS seminar, and a Greek/Latin roots class (easy A for me!) that put me just at full time. I’ll be playing catch-up a little in the Greek/Latin roots class, but other than that, I should be fine.

And so, that’s roughly the shape of things right now. After a week of freaking out since it’s my last quarter and I need to pass everything this quarter in order to graduate, I think I’ll be okay. And then I’ll have to get my wisdom teeth out. Oh boy…


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