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Chickadoodle’s 5-minute guide to anime-con-going

So, this weekend is pretty awesome for a few reasons: It’s Easter, and it’s my city’s annual anime convention.

This is about my 5th year of regular con attendance, and it’s always a blast, but there are a few things that you have to keep in mind, just as with any festival.

  • The con staff is generally super nice and helpful, but being any sort of jerk/otherwise flouting the con rules will get you kicked out.
  • Plan where you want to be and get there at least 15 minutes early if it’s a timed event. Lines are generally huge, and there’s only so much standing room they can fill without exceeding fire code.
  • If you want someone’s picture, chase them down (but not like a madman) and ask them. Chances are, unless they’re heading for a specific event NOW, they will say yes.
  • Keep anything really important on you where you can feel it at all times. By and large, con attendees are amazing, wonderful people, but all it takes is one pickpocket.
  • Give yourself a spending cap, and do not, no matter how awesome that sexy Hobbit dwarf body pillow (seriously–saw some of those today) is, give into temptation.
  • Getting separated from your group is really easy to do, and finding them again in a crowded exhibitor’s hall will be nigh on impossible without a fully charged phone.

That’s just a short list. Most cons have a huge list of rules that you pretend to read and claim to agree to when you register, but seriously, for things like appropriate footwear, you need to make sure you’re following the rules.

Oh, and one more rule I forgot to mention: You are there to have fun–make the best of your time!


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