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Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week

Since this week hasn’t been the best, I’m surprised these songs aren’t as sad as I’ve sometimes felt. I guess it’s the stubborn fighter in me that won’t give up.

Each of these songs is linked by their title to a YouTube video. I chose the videos for their sound quality, and yes, 3) is an Ouran High School Host Club AMV. No, I am not sorry.

1) “Into the Dark” — Melissa Etheridge

In the face of uncertainty, sometimes, it’s all I can do to cling to the past, even when “the dark” is a bright future. Right now, I’m almost done with college, and even though I know what I’ll be doing after, there’s a lot I don’t know, and, at times, that terrifies me.

2) “One Headlight” — The Wallflowers

An oldie-but-goodie, sometimes, I just limp along until I’m where I should be.

3) “Did Ya Understand That” — Willa Ford

I feel like I should be embarrassed for liking this song in the first place. And no, this is not aimed at the boyfriend. It’s just catchy and helps me keep pace while walking.

4) “Rise” — the Frames

I have two modes when I’m upset: shutting the world out and wallowing, and getting angry at myself for doing so. “One Headlight” was the former; this is the latter. I’ve gone through both phases this week. It wasn’t pretty.

5) “Hajimari No Kaze” — Ayaka Hirahara

I’m going through anime withdrawl. Don’t judge me. It also sort of (well, through the first half of the song, anyway) fits the theme of the week, if you can find a lyric translation somewhere. It really is a beautiful, relaxing song any way you slice it, though.


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