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Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

Six things about me that an outsider would be most likely to notice as different:

1) I rarely add to or subtract from the organized chaos that is my room. Even when I have plenty of room, there must always be some pile of something somewhere that looks messy, but has total rhyme and reason to it. I hate it when I do get something new or throw something out, because it means I have to re-organize my chaos and figure out where everything goes. I feel like I have a little bit of that ancient Egyptian horror vacui going on.

2) My left pinkie is broken in two places. (Or rather, I did break it in two places about 15 years ago while jumping on a bed. Lesson learned.) It never got set properly before it healed. As a result, it cracks if I curl it quickly. When I am agitated, I tend to clench a lot, so it makes its noise. A lot of the kids I babysat knew that if they heard that, they were in trouble.

3) (This one’s not so noticeable, but I don’t know if anyone else has the same experience.) Whenever I listen to music, I get a movie of sorts going through my head—random scenes; some real, some not, some connected, some not. Music just evokes imagery for me. (This is likely why I loved watching Fantasia so much as a kid.)

4) I will read when I am bored. It does not matter if I’ve read it before. It does not have to be interesting. It does not have to be very many words. I will read the back of team sweatshirts, the back of a shampoo bottle, a newspaper article I’ve already read; it does not matter. It keeps my mind from drifting too far. In that same vein, I often doodle when taking notes. I have found that when I don’t and I start to drift during classes, it’s hard to come back down. While doodling forces me to split my attention somewhat, it also makes me pay attention. A lot of people claim it can’t work, but I promise you, it does.

5) I walk the line between introverted and extroverted. I enjoy interacting with people, even when it saps my energy. I am often both excited about the idea of a party as much as I dread it, knowing that if it goes on too long without me getting some alone time, or time where I can just sit back and observe, I will crash and burn. I’ll still push myself to the edge, anyway.

6) I will often ask “why”. I am very, very curious about my surroundings, especially when I’ve never encountered something before. (There was a period of time when I was very, very curious about the boyfriend’s hearing aids. Even now, if he has one or both out, I will occasionally study them.) I take particular interest in different cultures, but I will ask about just about anything.


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