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Commercials Entertain Me Too Much

I have ridiculously high standards for commercials.

Or maybe I don’t; I don’t know.

What I do know, however, is that I have YouTube playlist dedicated to commercials I find funny. I would say this means I’ve officially joined the ranks of the weird and strange, but I was born weird.

Anyway, some favorites:

The Allstate Mayhem commercials
Oh jeez, this guy (who has apparently been in a bajillion other things I don’t watch because they’re not as good as the commercials) has the perfect vocal blend of rough and smooth. And he wears a suit. Guys in suits = happy Chickadoodle. And they’re so damn funny! I mean, really, tell me you didn’t laugh when he was a broken GPS. Or a hot female jogger trying to keep this *gestures to torso* a ten. Or a toddler screaming, “Mommy! MommyMommyMommyMommy!”.

Geico: Middle Schoolers
I never thought that middle schoolers telling someone their meal of choice was “so gross” would ever occur in the context of an insurance commercial. But these ladies… man, do they make it work! The commercial does have a point, though: services to help you get in shape can be expensive. But I’ll save my rants about personal health for another time.

(As a side note while we’re still on insurance, some of the Pemco Northwest Profiles radio/bus ads crack me up, too.)

Isaiah Mustafa as the Old Spice Guy
Perhaps surprisingly, his main draw to me is not so much that he’s good-looking as it is that he says such strange things nonchalantly with a voice like freakin’ velvet. I thought I was random, but these commercials take it to a whole new level.

Some honorable mentions are any commercial involving Neil Patrick Harris, Pat Cashman, and pretty much any other actor I happen to like.

Basically, I like commercials that make me laugh. Or, at least, those are the most memorable. They don’t actually get me to buy anything, but they at least make the experience a little more fun, and it does somewhat endear me to them. Better than the enagement ring/baby/boudoir photography ads that so many sites like to give me.

But that’s another topic for another post.


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