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Miscellaneous Me: the Cliff-Notes Version

20 things that may or may not be pertinent:

1) I am Chickadoodle. (It’s a childhood nickname, okay?!)
2) I majored in Computer Science partially because apparently there is no money in writing unless one makes it big.
3) I am fluent in sarcasm, and I have a working knowledge of ASL. Also, Spanish. I do Spanish. Sort of. And a little German.
4) I love books, with a special fondness for anything Victorian-/Edwardian-Era
5) I hold myself to the highest standards of grammar. And decorum. (Though I have a tendency to deliberately flout the former in order to write what I’m thinking.)
6) I love me some parentheticals!
7) Writing has always been my “thing”.
8) My handwriting… could use some work. (See, Mom, I admitted it!)
9) I love cute things, especially bunnies. Bunnybunnybunnybunny… :3
10) I make funny noises when poked, prodded, etc.
11) Purple. That is all.
12) Another thing I wanted to major in was chemistry, but I was too lazy, so I did CS. (Let that sink in…)
13) I love to make food.
14) My tastes in music can be summed up by the word “eclectic”.
15) I am a puzzler, and naturally curious/analytical.
16) I will make up new words or re-purpose old ones to suit my needs.
17) I am loud, but with a soft and squishy center.
18) I am a flaming moderate, and it annoys a lot of people to no end.
19) I do not look good with short hair. I found this out the hard way.
20) You are now a bunny.


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